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We design to inspire, impress and help you feel productive in your new space

Of course we work with many different types of clients including
Commercial Office - Government - Healthcare - Senior Living - Hospitality
We handle it all at any stage

Whether you’re in pre-lease renovation negotiations or just need a space refresh, our Homepolish designers are super skilled in creating an on-brand, culture-improving, and functional workspace for you and your employees.

We know that time is money

With our budget-friendly and flexible service, you can be as involved as you want. We know exactly how important it is to move quickly, so we’ll deliver amazing designs that maximize your budget and space while hitting the milestones.

We help you purchase & save

Collaborate with your designer using our Shopping List tool, where you can select and organize all your furnishings. By saving an average of 10% when you purchase through our single-click checkout, you’re covering the cost of your design time.

We’re talented, experienced & fun

Being a startup ourselves, we understand the value of attracting and retaining top talent, so we’re uniquely incentivized to work hard for your project. Our experienced designers take pride in expressing your company’s vision through smart design.

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